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Enforcive/Cross-Platform Audit for Mainframe

Mainframe Auditing of Security Events

Easy-to-use compliance tool for PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA and others

  • Clear and easy display of your security audit
  • Detailed filtering criteria to analyze security audit events
  • Consolidate security audit data from multiple machines.
  • Dynamic graphs
  • Offload audit data from MF to PC-based database
  • Report generator, output to MS Excel, PDF and more.

Clear and Easy Display of Your Security Audit

Intuitive and user-friendly audit trail of SMF (System Management Facility) audit data events produced by RACF, DB2, FTP, Telnet, VSAM and ICF catalog activity. In addition, database activity from the DB2 log and capturing of DB2 SQL statements. The events are broken down into its appropriate parameters making it easy to understand each event.
Detailed Filtering Criteria to Analyze Security Audit Events
The security auditor can view security events on-line and filter them on the screen without the need for additional applications or programming.
Filtering can be done on date and time ranges, platform, account type, user, event status, IP address and application event type.
Filter events by application: SMF RACF, SMF Top Secret, Enforcive/Security for CICS, SMF DB2, TCP/IP application audit, SMF telnet, SMF FTP, SMF VSAM, SMF ICF catalog, DB2 log, DB2 SQL statement capturing.
Filter events by event category. For example, for application SMF DB2, the event categories include: set current SQLID, DDL execution statement start, SQL statement, ending of identify request, ending of signon request, authorization failures, grant/revoke.
Filter events by event type. For example, for category SMF DB2 authorization failures, the event types include table privileges checked, storage privileges checked, database privileges, utilities privileges, others.
You can filter events even further - by event qualifier i.e. in the case of database privileges this would include the explicit privilege like stop database, use, start/stop trace and others.

Consolidate Security Audit Data from Multiple Machines

Consolidate security audit data from any number of machines from MF, System i and Windows environments, all in one place. The importing of audit data from other computers requires installation of appropriate Enforcive agents on those machines too. You can create logical users called IDS users, to audit activity of a user having different logon IDs. The IDS user doesn't require any pre-defined identity management requirements like the implementation of single user sign-on.

Dynamic Graphs

You can produce graphs to identify trends and pinpoint behavior in your system activity. Dynamically drill down from your chosen starting point until you have reached the desired selection. Print the graphs, save them in PC file format or email them as you wish. Events from across the enterprise can be combined, sorted and filtered into hundreds of different combinations of platform, application, IP address, user, identity management user, transaction status and date. The graphs are built dynamically by the user selecting the sort parameter at each level.
Each component of the on-screen graphs can be expanded at the click of the mouse to show the actual audit events behind the statistics and each event can be drilled down to show its finest details including the name and value of each event parameter.
The graphs include statistics views and time-line views of the audit events. The graphs and summary tables can be displayed on the screen, printed, sent by email and saved as files in various formats including PDF and MS Office-compatible HTML which can be opened by Excel and Word.

Offload audit data from MF to PC-based database

After you transfer your mainframe audit data to the PC-based database (MS SQL server) the files are automatically purged on the MF, freeing up valuable storage space. Once imported to the CPA (Cross-Platform Audit) the information can be viewed and analyzed with comfort on your PC. You can schedule the transfers for unattended regular runs.

Report Generator

Includes a report generator with the capability of exporting reports to MS Excel, PDF and other formats. Report runs can be scheduled to run periodically by day, week or month.
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