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Enforcive/Enterprise Security for MVS TCP/IP

Easy Network Access Control for the MVS environment

Easy Network Access Control for the MVS environment

Mainframe Compliance with PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA and others

  • Protection from unauthorized Telnet access
  • Protection from unauthorized FTP access
  • Integration with RACF
  • Granular control of permissions by user and function
  • User access controlled by file, library and application
  • Group permissions by IP address, RACF group and other user groups
  • Clear and easy-to-understand audit log
Enforcive/Enterprise Security for TCP/IP answers the need for internal controls for the protection of your data. It addresses the difficult demands of industry and legal regulatory compliance like PCI, SOX and HIPAA and allows you to ensure privacy through simple definitions made through intuitive PC-based screens.

Protection from Unauthorized Telnet and FTP Access

Enforcive/Enterprise Security for TCP/IP is vital where your users are distributed around different sites and when you need to transfer files to and from remote locations.
Lock down your system against Telnet and FTP activity from unwelcome destinations and unauthorized users in the most flexible and easy-to-use way available.
Each user can be given access to only the resources they need. You can restrict your system to allow Telnet access by authorized users to selected applications only. You can restrict different FTP functions to the files you specify.
When used with the Enforcive/Cross-Platform Audit, TCP/IP activity can be audited, filtered and even displayed as graphs. Events can be drilled down to the level of parameter detail, so that each parameter and its corresponding value can be fully understood.
The dynamic graphical engine allows you to drill down through any combination of user, application, event type, event status, date and time.
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