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Fiditalia (Societe Generale)
"We have the possibility to monitor and stop, if needed, ODBC and FTP activities" - Domenico Finucci, Security Manager. "Enforcive gives us auditing and a sense of security". Lucio Santaniello (Chief of Technological Dept.)
Societe Generale - Bank de Maertelaere
"It proved necessary to add extra security mainly at the level of TCP/IP communication, as more and more internal applications were using this communication protocol....protects against both external and internal attacks and satisfies even the toughest internal audit requirements."
Volkswagen Bank
"The need for an exit point and security control solution came following the order that the bank comply with the demands of Basel II...IBM suggested the Enforcive solution."
A multi-national concern
"I quickly realized that this was a fine piece of software, with an appealing GUI and a series of functions accessible even to those who possessed only limited knowledge of the OS400 operating system".."After testing it for a month, I was convinced that this was exactly the software I have been looking for, and that it had certainly helped us increase the security level on our AS400 system".
MKB Bank
"Magyar K├╝lkereskedelmi Bank (MKB Bank) has replaced existing security and systems management products with Enforcive/Enterprise Security for IBM i. They provide Hungary with crucial banking services and serve nearly 400 users with systems running on IBM Power Server computers which now have Enterprise Security paired with two of them. MKB Bank provides users with services in card management, and are linked up to the information systems of SIA Central Europe, VISA, and MasterCard.


"Reports run automatically without user intervention"..."The auditors have been very happy with the results".


"Our administrators are largely non-programmers. Enforcive's product was particularly outstanding in its features and we found it to be the most user-friendly GUI by far".


"The implementation was very easy and comfortable"... "A very good product and well worth the money".


Waterloo North Hydro
"The application can be used efficiently to control access of third party applications."... "a clear return on investment in the saving of administration time and in his overall sense of security."


"Through Bravoure IT's efforts and the selection of Enforcive/Enterprise Security, our organization now has insight into the security status of the organization, without burdening the IT department".
Francona - Swiss Re
"SOX was a driving factor to use such a tool and was a good argument to install"..." we were happy with the trial, particularly liked the graphical user interface and chose to go with the product."


ACN Europe
"Enables the company to monitor all traffic and even to streamline it when necessary"..." functionality for all protocols including SNA, TCP/IP and FTP as well as for DB/400Services."


Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner Pitea (SKKP)
"SOX Compliance Needs Drive Swedish Paper Giant to Embrace Enforcive/Cross Platform Audit."
Royal Nedschroef
"The deployment of the Enforcive/ Enterprise Security products has given our team a quick and easy way to see what is actually happening in terms of FTP and ODBC activity on the IBM Power i5 systems within our European organization."


"The associated requirement to comply with the U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act made Adecco decide to deploy Enforcive/Enterprise Security on their IBM eServer iSeries systems"..." The reporting has been configured in such way that it can be used immediately by internal and external auditors."

Health Care

"It was the Field Masking capability that particularly caught the attention of Lee and the Centegra Management as it appeared to offer a solution to prevent selected fields from being viewed by certain users while allowing full access to others" ... "Lee describes the implementation of field masking at Centegra as 'Beyond our expectations'".


Yonden Business Co. Ltd., Japan
"The intuitive operation of Enforcive, and the fact that we can export reports to electronic documents, has contributed to a considerable saving in management time and cost".


TRW Automotive
Story by Frank Booty, published in System I Network, July 2005. "TRW had a great number of processes..that had to be made secure in line with SOX". "It was a key feature for TRW to identify how users were accessing their systems".