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Many corporate executives and IT managers believe their data is safe enough and that they have sufficient means of protection for their organization. Some might be right, but others do not see all the possibilities of their data being compromised.
For example the password policy might not be implemented as stringently as it might or there may be too many users with powerful access rights.
These things alone can compromise even a solid system like the iSeries and the facilities provided by OS/400, but there are many more hidden weaknesses that could be taken advantage of by the inquisitive – or more determined predator.
Enforcive Systems Ltd. Security Assessment Tool is a software application which can carry out a real-time penetration attack on your computer. It can demonstrate to you a real but controlled penetration attempt of your IBM i machine from the network or internet.
Additionally, it will summarize for you the policy you have defined and will pinpoint any deviations from recommended values.
It provides you with a map of your ports and what they are doing and details any application server protection you have in place.
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