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Executive Management - Enforcive

  • Shimon Bouganim: Founder, President and Acting CEO
  • Arjon Cohen: VP Sales and Channel Management Europe, APAC, Latin America
  • Boris Breslav: CISSP Software Architect
  • Joseph Glickman: Product Manager
  • Ady Blatt: Product Manager
Shimon Bouganim
Founder, President, and Acting CEO

Shimon Bouganim is a pioneer and principle visionary of mainframe CICS security, IBM midrange security and auditing products. Shimon Bouganim has been the driving force behind Enforcive for over 20 years and leads the company's current developments in cross-platform solutions.
Arjon Cohen
VP Sales and Channel Management Europe, APAC, Latin America

Arjon Cohen is a veteran from several high tech ventures. He co-founded JBE Software Services, a systems integration company and the Baan Nucleus Seed Fund, a venture capital fund. Later, he co-founded Federation Inc., a pioneer in the Product Lifecycle Management area, serving there as Vice President for Business Development & Marketing. He introduced the company to its first key US customers and initiated Federation's first partnerships with major OEMs and system integrators. He holds an MA in Law from the State University of Leiden, The Netherlands.
Boris Breslav
CISSP Software Architect

Boris Breslav is responsible for designing software solutions and managing development teams. He’s engaged in setting company’s development practices and standards which assist in developing secure solutions. Boris serves as the Technical Lead for Enforcive clients and partners. He has lead numerous projects through full software development life cycle (SDLC). His expertise includes IT security, distributed systems solutions, databases and log management on platforms such as Windows, IBM i, AIX and Linux. Boris joined Enforcive in 2000. He obtained his software engineering degree from Western Galilee College, Israel.
Joseph Glickman
Product Manager

Joseph Glickman worked for the last 12 years in the company, where he had managed development of enterprise security software. Previously he taught computer science at the Hadassah College in Jerusalem and held various positions in system, design and analysis of software. He holds a B.Sc. in mathematics and a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.
Ady Blatt
Product Manager

Ady Blatt joined Enforcive in 1997 and has since managed the IBM i (AS/400) security products. Ady Blatt has extensive knowledge and experience in the AS/400 environment and expertise particularly in the area of information security issues on the system level. Ady Blatt holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from Tel Aviv University.