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Policy Compliance for Windows and Active Directory - Enforcive

The Windows SOX Compliance Manager is a part of the Enforcive/Cross Platform Audit (CPA). It is a tool to create, document and maintain a clear security policy for the PCs in your organization. The policy details are defined through templates specific to different categories pertaining to local PC and Windows Active Directory definitions.
The template categories are:
  • Active Directory Account Policy
  • Active Directory Group Account
  • Active Directory Group Membership
  • File Permissions
  • File Permissions (advanced)
  • File Security Audit Definitions
  • Folder Sharing Permissions
  • Password Settings

What's in the Templates?

A template comprises a collection of detailed definitions. Examples include 'modify' permission to a file, folder or path, file ownership and permitted members within user groups.
Once defined, the policy can be checked against the actual definitions in the system, producing a report showing any deviations from your policy.

Template Color - an Indication of Compliancy

The template is color-coded to indicate its compliance status. When first created, it is yellow to indicate no compliance check has yet been run. When the compliance check job has completed this will change to red if the check produces deviations and green if no deviations are found. If the color remains yellow even after the check job has completed this indicates no items were found for your defined selection criteria.

Deviation Reports

The compliance report can be run on demand, scheduled to run later and may even be run repeatedly using the report scheduler. Reports can be saved in PDF or text format and sent automatically to selected email addresses.
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