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Policy Compliance Manager - Enforcive

Template-Based Compliance Management

Demystify the difficult task of enterprise-wide compliance management and deviation monitoring with easily defined templates that address regulatory requirements such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA and GLBA.

Compliance Deviation Monitoring and Enforcement

Once compliance templates are in place, system administrators, security officers and auditors can view deviations from compliance policy throughout the enterprise. Enforcing compliance rules can be achieved with the click of a mouse. Some of the benefits of managing compliance through Enforcive's templates include:
  • Improved Synergy between Business and Technology Units
  • Accelerated Compliance Timelines
  • Protection of Consumer Data (PCI, State Privacy Regulations)
  • Ensuring Data Integrity
  • Centralized Security Policy Enforcement (PCI, SOX, GLBA, Canadian Bill 198)
  • Streamlined Management of User Capabilities (SOX, HIPAA, Basel II, COBIT)
  • Segregation of Duties

Enabling Enterprise-Wide Compliance

Enterprise Security assists diverse teams in unifying their compliance efforts by eliminating redundancy and reducing the complexity of regulatory adherence. Compliance can be achieved by using:
  • Policy Compliance Manager- Template-based control of native definitions, deviation reporting and remediation
  • Alert Center- Intrusion detection System (IDS) providing instant alerts for compliance deviations
  • SOX Compliance Toolkit- Essential reports and alerts addressing Sarbanes-Oxley requirements
  • Administration Role Manager- Tailor specific security administration roles to facilitate separation of duties
  • Help Desk Assistant- Offload your help desk tasks while maintaining security and compliance requirements

Compliance Driven Alerts

Enforcive provides a host of alerting and intrusion detection tools to enable real-time security and compliance monitoring through the use of e-mail and text messages. Also included are A.I.-driven system responses such as disabling a user or revoking special authority status for particularly egregious violations.
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PCI Accelerator Package

The PCI Accelerator Package is an add-on module to Enterprise Security for IBM i. It provides a set of pre-defined reports, alerts and templates that reduce project timelines to accelerate compliance with PCI DSS.
Any merchant or service provider that stores, processes or transmits customer account data must comply with the PCI DSS controls and processes. Organizations that do not comply risk costly fines, audit costs, card restrictions and more should a breach happen to occur.
Reports in the PCI Accelerator Package can be easily copied, customized, categorized into policy groups and defined to run across multiple IBM i servers or partitions.
The PCI Alerts are SNMP enabled, allowing them to be forwarded to third party software packages. In addition, alerts can be set up as proactive triggers and react to undesirable transactions (Ex: revoke special authority or disable user profile) or prompt the execution of a custom program. The PCI Policy Compliance Manager templates can be set up to check for compliance across multiple systems or partitions.
Enforcive templates allow system administrators, auditors and executives to utilize a shared interface to manage compliance policies, spot compliance deviations and enforce policies throughout the enterprise. PCI compliance project timelines can be significantly improved by utilizing the pre-defined templates Enforcive provides. As a result companies can reduce resources allocated to support PCI auditors and the audit process.
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