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Regulatory compliance software may be categorized into several, very different groups of software products, with equally varied sources that necessitate their use. See also What is compliance?
Compliance with regulations is far from a new concept, particularly in the areas of health and safety, food manufacture and pharmaceuticals. The international ISO standards organization and the American FDA are two noted early players while more recent sources of regulations included the now familiar Sarbanes-Oxley Law (SOX), PCI-DSS and HIPAA, to name just a few. Well over 100,000 new regulations had been introduced by the US government alone since the early 1980s until 2008.
Regulatory compliance software has developed considerably over recent years, driven largely by the vulnerability of organizational information and the urgent need for data security and controls to prevent misuse, manipulation, corruption and theft of information.
Regulatory compliance has become the principle force behind data security needs and software and certain compliance regulations have become an ‘organizational bible' is many organizations.
Following are some major functional requirements found in regulatory compliance software.

Regulatory Compliance Software for Policy Management and Control

Many regulations give only a broad set of guidelines, mandating organizations to create their own policies to achieve the overall goal. This can be vastly assisted with the help of software to set up a logical hierarchy of aims which are ultimately broken down into internal controls which can be mapped to the appropriate paragraphs of the regulation itself.

Regulatory Compliance Software in Data Security

Data security software is more technical in nature than policy management tools as it monitors and protects data in a computer system. Data security tools are an enormous sub-group, split further into products which encrypt data online and in backups, products which exercise access control, preventing unauthorized activity, firewalls to block undesirable network traffic and more.

Compliance Regulations for Privacy

Privacy adds a further angle on access control, mentioned above. It is perhaps most familiar in the regulatory compliance world in the context of health records, the American Privacy Rule and the HIPAA regulations, and places particular emphasis on the sensitivity of personally identified information (PII) and its protection. For the most part, maintaining privacy is achieved by the methods used in data security software, arguably complemented by further restriction in the visibility of selected pieces of information. See HIPAA Compliance Software.

Regulatory Compliance Software for Auditing

An audit capacity features strongly in all data security compliance regulations. Auditing is the essential mechanism of monitoring and checking that allows investigation of incidents, proof of activity, confirmation of user actions and computer system events, and sometimes real-time alerting as well. Certain regulations demand the saving of audit data for a minimum time period. Software products for auditing typically integrate inquiry and reporting features to maximize the analytical capability on the logged audit information.

Risk management and Quality Management

This group of regulatory compliance software is more strategic in nature than security or auditing tools and is driven by different regulatory clauses than those requiring data security software components. They are frequently integrated with policy management and control.

Enforcive Compliance Software

Enforcive Systems Ltd. produces regulatory compliance software products for a varied range of platforms.
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