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Product Demos:

Enterprise Security for IBM i:
Data Provider- Solution Overview
Data Provider is a tool to send events from IBM i to a centralized event monitor, these events can be pulled from Application Audit, System Audit, File Audit, View Data, Message Queue Audit and QHST Log Audit.
Cross-Platform Audit:
Event Examples (Part 1)
A brief demonstration of the types of audit events you can see using Enforcive/ Cross-Platform Audit (11:00)
Event Examples (Part 2)
A brief demonstration of the types of audit events you can see using Enforcive/ Cross-Platform Audit (14:38)

Public Webinar Recordings:

IBM I Encryption in a Snap!
We'll show our solution working live on an IBM i partition, so you can see our intuitive management console in action! What would otherwise require changes to source code in existing programs and/or DDS file layout changes, can now be done utilizing existing functionality already built right into the OS with our package. Implementation and management is done through our intuitive user-friendly GUI screen.
During this webinar we'll discuss:
  • Secure Key Management for segregation of duties
  • Multiple ways to control User Access to Encrypted/Decrypted data
  • Setting up encrypted, masked and scrambled field views
  • What Encryption Algorithms to use
  • Using Encryption with High Availability systems
  • Encrypt your save files for safe transmission/delivery
Top 5 ways your IBM i could be HACKED (IBM i)
During this webinar, we demonstrate a series of live hacks and discuss real-world examples of the most frequently exploited vulnerabilities on the system. This insightful webcast presentation will cover how these hacks are capable of occurring, as well as provide strategies to evaluate and act upon each event in real-time. (50:28)
This presentation includes:
- Top 5 Exploits and How to Avoid Them
- Intrusion Detection and Prevention
- Policy Driven Alerts with Automated System Defense
- System Security Inquires and Reports
- Inactive User Management
- Template-based Policy Management
Secure Irregular Data Access by Regular Users (IBM i)
Learn how security officers can improve enforcement of the Golden Rule for IBM i Security... "Treat data access as you would want to be treated." During this 1 hour presentation we demonstrate how you can more efficiently manage user profiles and implement role based security policies for all enterprise systems. You'll see the benefits that come from a template based approach to IBM i security and how this approach can aid in maintaining a clear segregation of duties with quick replication of user profile permissions across servers and partitions. (53:44)