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What Our Customers Say - Enforcive

"Enforcive/Global Security gives me the power of monitoring the AS/400 with an easy end user interface. I can control the access of every user in the system, giving them only the options they need. With Enforcive/Global Security we can create groups for better and easier management and run several different reports for auditing what the users try to do in our system. I would have had to buy two or three different software packages to get all the options Enforcive/Global Security gives me. I am very happy with the Enforcive/Global Security product and support."
(Damián A. López - Security Administrator Asociación Cibao De Ahorros Y Préstamos - commercial bank)

"Now that we have Enforcive/Global Security installed, I enjoy a feeling of confidence that our systems are secure. One of my biggest fears - hackers getting hold of an existing high security password - has been reduced enormously due to Enforcive's IP address and time range control."

(Joseph Chen - IT Manager of Far Glory Life Insurance Co.)

In 2002, Volkswagen Bank asked IBM Italy for assistance on a project, aiming at reinforcing the global IT security level on its IBM iSeries/400 servers.
By using Enforcive/Global Security, the network protection and audit task were completed in few hours, even though user number was huge (200 local LAN users and ~800 remote users).
Thanks to Enforcive/Global Security, day-by-day security maintenance will be easier and more accurate.
(Ubaldo Sena - Volkswagen Bank Italy GmbH)

"Enforcive/Global Security was a great help for protection in communication to the AS/400. Implementation is simple and convenient and the GUI is also very convenient and friendly".
(Arie Berger - Manager of Software Programs, O/S and Communication in EL-AL Israel Airlines)

"We were in need of a simple to use tool easily implemented but at the same time sophisticated. A tool that would provide us with control of communication in the AS/400. After checking out a number of products in this area, we chose Enforcive/Global Security".
(Yossi Weiss - Systems & AS/400 Manager - Standards Institute of Israel)

"The implementation was very easy and comfortable... A very good product and well worth the money".
Fedon Antonakopoulos, IT Security Administrator, AVON Cosmetics (GREECE) M.E.P.E.